A summer student accommodation heat wave

Last year we tested ourselves in the Student Accommodation Sector with a £1.1m 144 bedroom project at Derby University, Nunnery Court (you can view the case study here). This opened up other student resi projects including a second campus refurb at Derby University, St Christopher’s Court and several IQ Student projects across London, Edinburgh and Nottingham.

2017 Derby Uni accommodation project (pictured below)

Derby University Student accommodation refurbishment by Troy group - bedroom shot

“At the University of Derby we’re passionate about continually developing and improving our accommodation offer to our students. Our partnership with Troy Group has allowed us to do this to a very high standard which receives excellent feedback from students who love the finished product.”

Guy Gibson – Head of Operations & Deputy Head of Commercial Services, Derby University

This year we refurbished approx 790 rooms across 7 cities (including communal areas) turning over £7.9m+ which is astonishing growth in just 11 weeks. That start of term soon comes around, but we’re pleased to report all projects were delivered in control, and to an exceptional standard which is a testament to our team and suppliers.


Student Residential Projects

IQ Student Living - Shoreditch, London - refurbished by TROY group in 2018

IQ Student Living: Shoreditch – £2.4m Project, 70 rooms in 11 weeks (pictured above)


Refurb project by TROY group showing IQ Student Living Nottingham studio

IQ Student Living: Nottingham – £1.0m Project, 44 conversion for 48 duplex studios in 6 weeks (pictured above)


Christopher's Court accommodation at Derby University - refurbishment completed by TROY group

Christopher’s Court, Derby University – £1.2m, 180 rooms in 9 weeks (pictured above)


IQ Student Living: Grove, Edinburgh - completed refurb by TROY group

IQ Student Living: Grove, Edinburgh – £400k, 27 studio refurbishment in 3 weeks (above)


IQ Student Living Hoxton - image montage showing refurb by TROY group

IQ Student Living: Hoxton, London – £700k, 67 studio refurbishment in 5 weeks (pictured above)

Other projects include:

  • IQ Magenta House, Whitechapel
  • We also carried out a number of student room refurbishments for Student Roost in Leicester, Sheffield and Bournemouth.  


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