Promoting a clean Bury St Edmunds!

TROY group are one of a handful of local companies promoting cleaner public spaces by supporting a new environmental concept; TiksPac.

TiksPac is the provision of free distributed dog waste bags which are placed at heavy footfall locations such as footpaths, parks, recreation grounds and other public areas. They are funded by companies, such as TROY group, which means they are free of charge for councils to install and the local community benefit.

The TROY station is located in Ram Meadow Car Park and we’re pleased to see some local pooches benefitting!

Warren Troy, Managing Director of TROY group commented on their branded station: “a few of the team own a dog, so we are pleased to support TiksPac and their quest for cleaner public spaces. That dreaded moment of forgetting to pocket a dog bag is a nightmare for both dog owners and fellow walkers, so these stations will be a welcomed addition to Bury St Edmunds!”.

A spokesperson for St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath councils said:

“Clean communities make a big difference to the way people feel about where they visit and live, and we are pleased to be working with Tikspac to provide a solution for dog walkers who find themselves without a bag. The large majority of dog owners go out well equipped to dispose of dog waste responsibly. But all of us can occasionally be caught out and these stations provide good back up as well as removing any excuse not to clean up. We are also pleased that the well-designed bags are biodegradable. Waste is an environmental issue and awareness of single use plastic in particular is growing. These dispensers offer the right product at the right time.”

To date, TiksPac have saved the planet from 70 tonnes of single use plastic and supply 22million biodegradable dog waste bags annually.  Supplying 26 other UK Councils, the feedback and results have been amazing, providing a 51% improvement in cleaner streets in general and a 60% decrease in dog fouling.  Let’s work together to make our community cleaner.