Over 1000 miles walked for charity

Last month, a few of the TROY team pledged to walk 10,000 steps everyday during March to raise money for Cancer Research UK. We collated their pedometer, smartphone and garmin step counts, and delighted to report they collectively walked over 1000 miles and raised over £1700 for the charity!

Charity photo: TROY pose with foil balloons '1700'

Big congrats to Sarah, Josh, Ashley, Rachel, Julie G, Julie S and Harvey (not pictured) for their fantastic fundraising efforts. If you’d like to donate some money, you still can via their fundraising page which is still active. We’re already planning the next charity initiative…(any excuse for more foil balloons in the office)


Some tips from the walkers:

  • Capitalise on your lunch break – get out from behind your desk and go for a walk. Only got 10-15 mins spare? That’s plenty of time to up your step count. Pop into town to do some chores, walk home for lunch, or take a wander outside your office.
  • Walk to work – OK, not possible for those who commute by car but parking further away from the office can make a surprising difference.
  • Go on those long walks you’ve been putting off – admittedly, it’s not always possible to do 10k steps a day, so plan some long walks at the weekend.
  • Go for a run – easier said than done! But if you’re time poor, and need to up your step count, a 20 minute run can help boost the numbers AND it comes with a whole raft of health and wellbeing benefits 😉
  • Keep a diary – Sarah kept a digital diary in the form of an instagram account. Posting or writing down updates can help focus your efforts and introduces a degree of accountability.